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Avalon Escrow offers a secure and convenient handling of signing up your lease to own, or rent to own transactions. All our paperwork is provided as is and for educational purposes only.  All documents can be reviewed by attorneys in your state who are available to answer your questions about all aspects of your transactions. And by providing the escrow services to buyers and sellers, we give peace of mind to all parties. You can rest assured that the rent/lease amount is collected each month, and that the mortgage and all associated monthly payments are paid on time.

We also offer a year end summary that you can give to your CPA or tax preparer to ensure everything is taken care of correctly. As an added service, we are able to report the payments to the major credit bureaus. This will ensure that the buyer will make payments, afraid of bad credit. Plus, it helps the buyer establish good credit to ensure they are able to close the transaction when the lease portion of the transaction is completed. We offer the simplest, easiest, and most professional experience available. You can rest easy knowing that Avalon Escrow is handling your transaction.


I have had the pleasure to work with Angelo Russo in the past

2 years, and find his communication and intellect of the law to be superfluous.

Angelo has represented my firm, Prudential Professional Realty, on very intricate Real Estate transactions, client leases, and general queries that seem to appear day in and day out this tumultuous market.

Every time, Mr. Russo has been poignant and has solved many complex situations.

To have Angelo Russo on our team is an invaluable asset.

Michael J. Smith


Prudential Professional Realty

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